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Bac exams with several documents

Sessions from 2013 onwards.



  • L LV1 Métropole 2008 Adapted from M.G. Vassanji, The In-Between World of Vikram Lall, 2003(set in Kenya, also about London)

  • L LV1 Pondichéry 2002 extrait de A Change of Heart De Jeffrey Archer (set in South Africa, also about racism)

  • S/ES LV1 Métropole sept 10 extract from Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (set in Nigeria, also about education)

  • S/ES LV1 Métropole Septembre 2006. Extract from Alexander McCall Smith In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (2005). (set in Botswana, also about corruption, bribery, theft, misunderstanding.)

  • S ES LV1 Métropole 2008 extract from The Camel Bookmobile, Masha Hamilton (about Kenya, education, Charities)

  • S ES LV1 2001 extract from André Brink, An Act of Terror (set in South Africa during the Apartheid, also about violence, heroism)

  • Sujet techno LV1 2006, extract from Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane (about education - racism- loving books - shame about one's origins- set in South Africa but the text doesn't say)



Page spéciale :

Les sujets concernent la musique (music) , la peinture (painting), writing (l'écriture) le cinéma (cinema) et l'art (art ) en général.



  • L Lv1 2009, extract from Behind the Front Fence by Larissa Behrendt.A little Aborigene girl is brought into a white Australian house.

  • ES/S LV1 Liban 2009 Extract from Rabbit-proof Fence by Doris Pilkington. Young Aborigines runaways are welcomed by a seemingly nice woman. (stolen children, broken promises)


  • L/S-LV2 Métropole juin 2006 excerpt from Down Under by Bill BRYSON- The narrator arrives in a small Australian town. ( Aussie slang / food)

  • S/L LV2 2011 : Extract from Corduroy Mansions by Alexander Mc Call Smith - An Australian girl settles in London during her gap year and she chooses a flatmate with two other girls(also about integration in Britain / Australian versus British way of thinking);



  • L LV1 Amérique du Nord 2008 extract from The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje (cultural differences, integration)

  • S ES LV1 juin 2009 extract from Jane Elizabeth Varley, Wives and lovers ( Britain vs US, An American woman meets her British neighbours for tea, peut être lié à Suburban Life)

  • S ES LV1 Amérique du Nord 2009 extract from Notes from a small island by Bill Bryson

  • S ES LV1 Métropole Extract from Small Island by Andrea Levy (Jamaican immigration in London)

  • S ES LV1 2005 extract from Minette Walters, The Shape of Snakes (coming back to Britain in the 2000's)

  • sujet technologique LV1 Polynésie 2007 a The Times article about British expatriates, "The French Connection"

  • STI LV1 Pondichéry 2005 extract from Brick Street by Monica Ali (Visiting London, also about Immigration)

  • STG LV1 sept 2011 extract from the girl on the landing by Paul Torday (talking to a stranger in a train) ;

Crime and Mystery


  • S/ES LV1 Pondichéry 2008 extract from Ken Follett, Whiteout, 1991 (preparing a burglary, also Family Relationships)

  • S/ES Lv1 2005 extract from the Midwich Cuckoos (1957) by Richard Wyndham (mystery, science fiction, suspense, obedience)
  • L LV1 Polynésie 2005 -extract from Joyce Carol Oates, Wild Saturday 1984. ( A respectable man meets a mysterious girl who asks him for money- also about appearances)
  • S ES LV1 Liban - hors session 2004 extract from Blood Lines, Ruth Rendell-A housekeeper explores the private lives of her employers.(also about Privacy, Voyeurism)

  • S ES LV1 Afrique - hors session 2004 extract from You Belong to Me by Mary Higgins Clark (also about Marriage, questioning a suspect)

  • STG métropole juin 2010 extract from the n°1 Ladies' detective agency, Alexander Mc Call Smith (investigation in Africa);

  • STG Pondichéry 2007 extract from Jigs and Reels, Joanne Harris. Last train to Dogtown.(also Mobile Phones and science-fiction)

  • STG 2005 Extract from Mary Higgins CLark 's " Second Time Around". ( Also hospitals, fire, suspense, friendship)


  • L/S-LV2 centres étrangers 2010 extract from Too Close to Home, by Linwood Barley (a detective investigates)

  • L S LV2 métropole 2008 extract from J. D. Robb, Origin In Death, 2005 (also about Media power)

  • L/S-LV2 Amérique 2006 extract from The Fractal Murders, by Mark Cohen (also about Maths)



  • Séries générales: extract from "I know I saw Gypsies" adapted from Tom Erhard et article du Guardian du 10  Mai 2012 (Gender gap)

  • L LV1 Métropole juin 06 Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman , 2005 ( social discrimination and education)

  • L LV1 2004 Extrait d'Ann Petry , The Street(1946)-A black mother explains to her son that he shouldn't shine shoes at the age of eight.

  • S ES LV1 Polynésie - septembre 2002 extract from A Judgement in Stone by Ruth Rendell,(about social discrimination, illiteracy, also about teenage pregnancy)

  • S ES LV1 Nouvelle-Calédonie - hors session 2003 extract from Fearless Jones by Walter Mosley (about segregation and reading, a white librarian forbids a young black boy to get a library card)

  • S ES LV1 Nlle Calédonie 2007 Extract from Dreams from my father by Barack Obama (colour differences, colonialism, also about Africa)

References here :

  • STG LV1 Métropole Septembre 2004 Extract from When we were colored, Clifton L. Tauber (colour differences, also about Segregation, African-Americans)

  • ST2S LVI Métropole 1998 article de Liz MANGAN, The Guardian, April 1995. Snowball effect for America's disabled (sur les handicapés en GB, et aux USA)



  • STI STG LV1 Métropole septembre 2017 extracts from Arthur and George by Julian Barnes and the Independent

  • L LV1 Métropole juin 2011: extract from Success Stories by Russel Banks

  • L LV1 Liban 2009: extract from the Prodigal Father by Jon Du Pré (bullying)

  • L LV1 Liban 2007: excerpt from Teacher Man by Frank McCourt, about an unusual student (also about career choices, homework, family relationships between a father and a son, relationships teacher/ students.)

  • ES/LV1 Juin 2010 : extract from Unaccustomed Earth by Jumpa Lahiri (in a private boarding-school in Britain, also about family relationships, about India)

  • S ES LV1 2009 article from Education Reporter entitled An Ipod bribe for bad pupils (New technology- Pouvoir- progrès)

  • S / ES LV1 Afrique juin 2005 : extract from 8 Arms to hold you Hanif Kureishi (teacher and pupils relationships in a British comprehensive school in 1969)

  • STG LV1 Pondichery 2010 : extract from Teacher Man by Frank Mc Court (education + language)


  • S/L LV2 centres étrangers 1997 extract from The Daydreamer by lan McEwan (The Bully)

  • S/L LV2 2005 : Extract from by Carmen Reid (also about Friendship)

  • S/L LV2 sujet de rattrapage 2010 : extract from "The Freedom Writers Diary" by Erin Grunwell (allusions à l'immigration mexicaine, à la poésie, au système scolaire)

Environment / Pollution


  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1 2016 - Pondichéry - Extract from a web page entitled Alex Lin, Teenage Activist and an extract from a 2014 web page by John Wilbey (activism / protecting the environment / celebrities'involvement in causes)

Sujet :


  • L/ES/S LV2 Polynésie 2015 -- article by Tom Bawden, The Independent, Tuesday, 26 August 2004 + extract from Ben Elton, This Other Eden, 1993 -- ( consumer society, pollution, plastic rubbish)

Sujet :

Family relationships


Page spéciale :



  • L LV1, Métropole Septembre 2009 : Ian McEwan, adapted from On Chesil Beach, 2007

  • L LV1,Polynésie 2011, extrait de When we were Orphans de Kazu Ishiguro

  • STI LV1 Guadeloupe - Guyane - Martinique - hors session 2003 extrait de Victoria Line de Maeve Binchy ( about looking for accomodation, about living in Brixton)

  • STG LV1, Métropole Juin 2011 : www.the friend rental service ;


  • L/S-LV2 Pondichéry 2006 Rescuing Rose by Isabel Wolff (sharing a flat)

  • L LV2 sujet de réserve 2004 extract from Hidden Talents by Erica James (also about Family relationship, ambition, Education, University, Driving)

  • L/S-LV2 Amérique du Nord 2011 the Outcast by Sadie Jones (social gatherings)



  • STI LV1 Pondichéry - septembre 2002 extract adapted from Kissing the Gunner's Daughterby Ruth Rendell ( A father finds a fake gun belonging to his son)

  • STG LV1 Time article , 2003, about gun violence in GB, gang culture, rap



  • ES S LV1 Pondichéry 2009: Joyce Carol Oates, The Falls (ill health due to pollution and working conditions)

  • STT LV1 septembre 2001 extract from Evening Class by Maeve Binchy (dieting, social pressure on women, traditional view of marriage)

  • STG LV1 Septembre 2007 Extract from Truman Capote Music From Chameleons (drunk driving)

  • Séries technologiques 2006, an article from the Guardian about smoking in Australia

  • Séries technologiques LV1 Polynésie 2004, extract from The Body By Hanif Kureishi ( organ transplant/ cosmetic surgery / science fiction)


  • STG LV2 Septembre 2007, excerpted from Melissa Bank, The Wonder Spot, 2005, about taking up smoking (also about family relationships)



  • L LV1 Métropole 2009 extract from Q and A de Vikas Swarup (tabloids / being a fan / being a public figure)

  • Es S LV1 2011 extract from Douglas Copeland, Miss Wyoming ( medias / accident/ fame)

  • ES/S Lv1 Polynésie 2010 extract from Chicken Soup For The Teacher's Soul ( learning to read / teaching to read/ responisbility / ordinary heroine)

  • ES S LV1 2008 extract from Richard Branson's autobiography, Lessons in life and Business. (the recipes for success / money )

  • S ES LV1 2001 extract from André Brink, An Act of Terror A woman shelters a terrorist.(set in South Africa during the Apartheid, also about violence, heroism)



  • ES /S LV1 Polynésie extract from Nicholas Evans, The Divide , 2006 ( a woman on holiday to Italy is waiting before visiting a museum)

  • ES/S LV1, Pondichéry 2011 extract from The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson

  • L LV1 2006, extract from Focus by Arthur Miller (1945).( A couple tries to get a room in a hotel.)

  • L LV1 Polynésie 2004, extract from Elizabeth Jane Howard, The Light Years (holidays in the country, also nature and revolt, hunting)


  • STG LV2, septembre 2010 adapted from an article in The Australian (on camping)

Immigration :


Page spéciale :



  • L LV1 Métropole sept 2010 extrait de Family Matters de Rohinton Mistry (school + teenager in trouble);

  • L LV1 Métropole 2009 extrait de Q and A de Vikras Swarup (about cinema, being a fan);

  • ES-S LV1 Métropole sept 09 extrait de Mayadevi’s London Yatra de Bulbul Sharma (Indian mother visiting her son in Britain);

  • ES-S LV1 Amérique 2006 taken from The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh (also about working in a foreign country)

  • ES-S LV1 Centre étranger 2010 taken from The Elephanta suite by Paul Theroux (freedom + travels)

  • STG LV1 Métropole 2001 extrait de Her Mother's Daughter de Marilyn French (photography, poverty, women's life, third world)


  • STG LV2 Métropole juin 2011 the youngest headmaster in the world, adapted from 2009 ;

  • STG LV2 Métropole septembre 2011 the daily telegraph sept 11 2010,(missing child);

Jobs / Work

Page spéciale :

Love, Dating, Marriage


  • L-LV1 sujet de réserve en 2004 extract from Telling Stories by Maeve Binchy - (a cancelled marriage)

  • ES S LV1 2007 extract from the Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan- An Asian American girl dates a young white man from a different background. (dating- family pressure- racism)

  • ES S LV1 Pondichéry 2003 extrait de Morag Prunty, An Independent Woman, 2002. (about dating)

  • STG LV1 Nelle Calédonie 2008 Hanif Kureishi, adapted from The Buddha of Suburbia (about Arranged Marriages in Britain, also about Family relationships)

  • STT LV1 Pondichéry 2006 taken from In a Good Light by Clare Chambers (also about family relationships)

  • Séries technologiques 2006 extract from Unless by Carol Shields, a discussion about weddings between a very young child and her unconventional mother ( wedding- seventies)


  • S/L LV2 Asie 2011 : Extract from the Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak (also about Family relationships)

  • L LV2 2004, extract from Nick Hornby, How to be good (2001) - A husband and his wife leave the theatre and meet a homeless. (about poverty and generosity)

New Technologies / Internet


  • L/ES /S LV1 Liban 2016 -Extracts from Isaac Asimov, I Robot (1950) and from the New Yorker (October 2015). Topics : Robots / technology and human progress.

  • ES S LV1 Espagne 2006 extrait de Joanne Harris The Spectator ( Science- Fiction, also about Education)

  • STG LV1 Polynésie 2009, article from The New York Times Computer Problems ? It may be time to call a 9-year old.

  • STG LV1 Métropole 2007 Sunday Times article about a clinic to cure computer addiction

  • STG LV1 Métropole 2006 article from the Observer (about GPS in mobile phones)

  • STG LV1 Métropole 2003, extrait de David Lodge, Thinks, 2001. (sur les wearable computers)


  • S/L LV2 2005 : Extract from by Carmen Reid (also about Friendship)

  • STG LV2 Polynésie 2008, Article from the Times Just because I never watch TV doesn't make me weird." (being original- culture- )



  • Séries générales 2003,métrople sujet de remplacement, extract from a blog (Eliza Murphy, ABC News Blogs, Aug 23, 2012) and from Believing the Lie by Elizabeth George (2012)



  • L/ES/S LV1 2016 - Amérique du Nord - Extract from Daniel James Brown, The Boys in the Boat (2013) and from a webpage "oldseattestimes": (sport/ speech / WW2 / Olympics / rowing / American universities)

Sujet :

  • ES/S LV1 1997 extract from an Observer article written by Sebastian Coe about the Atlanta Olympic Games.

  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1 Pondichéry 2015- document taken from the UNICEF website and a document from the NHS website. (sport/ mentoring/ charity work)

Sujet :

  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1,juin 2015 extract from Naomi Benaron, Running the Rift , 2013 and a BBC Viewpoint : the dark side of sport(2011) - sport / Olympics/ interview/ motivation letter

Sujet: (corrigé sur le même site)


LV1 et LV2

Special Page :



Special page :