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Depuis la session 2013, les sujets écrits du bac comportent plusieurs documents. Cette page est une sous-partie de la liste thématique des sujets de bac :

Page en construction à partir de :


Sujets 2019

Sujets 2018

Séries Générales avec questions LVA


  • L-ES-S LV1 Métropole -juin- An extract from Colson Whitehead’s John Henry Days (2001) + a photo of a Canadian Pacific ticket envelope (1955) + an article from the Chicago Tribune ‘’California Firm Hyperloop to test engine in Southern Nevada” (2015) -- Thèmes: transports, progrès techniques, voyage et tourisme (transports, progress, tourism and travelling)


  • L-ES-S Métropole- juin--- Sujet composé de Document A : article by Leila Fadel, NPR, Markets section, October 21, 2015. - Document B : extract from Paul Archer & Johno Ellison, It's on the Meter, 2016. Document C : picture, Taxi Balloons by street artist Rogue One, Glasgow, 2013. (about London black cabs, English tradition, travelling)

Séries Technologiques


  • STMG/ST2S/STI Métropole juin : Document 1 : article from Samantha Schmidt,, January 5, 2017. - Document 2 : extract from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah, 2013. (about immigration, foreign accent, integration)


  • STMG/ST2S/STI Métropole Document 1 : article from Susan Stamberg,, March 9, 2010.- Document 2 : extract from Maura MURPHY, Don't wake me at Doyles, 2004. (about women leaving home to find a job)

Sujets 2017

En cours

Sujets généraux avec des questions spéciales LVA



Sujets technologiques


STMG/ST2S/STI LV1 Pondichéry :


STMG/ST2S/STI LV2 Pondichéry:

Sujets 2016

Sujets généraux avec des questions spéciales LVA


  • L/ES/S LV1 Amérique du Nord - Extracts from Daniel James Brown's The Boys in the Boat (2013) and from a webpage "oldseattestimes": (sport/ speech / WW2 / Olympics)

Sujet :

  • L/ES /S LV1 Liban -Extracts from Isaac Asimov's I Robot (1950) and from the New Yorker (October 2015). Topics : Robots / technology and human progress.

  • L/ES/S LV1 Pondichéry- Extract from Ken Follet's Fall of Giants 2010 and extract from Douglas Kennedy 's The Pursuit of Happiness 2002 (suffragettes / women's rights/ campaigning for a cause)

Sujet: For teachers only :


  • L/ES /S LV2-Métropole -Juin 2016- Page from a blog called Road Darling, a passage from Megan Gambino, Smithsonianmag online, March 2009 and a mural painting. (Route 66, the myth of the road)

  • L/ES /S LV2- Amérique du Nord- Extracts from an Irish novel by Colm Toibin, Nora Webster (2013) and a Guardian article from March 2015(immigration / leaving home/ Ireland)

Sujet : Corrigé :

Sujets technologiques


  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1 Métropole juin 2016- An extract from Dan Rubistein's Born to Walk , the Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act (2015) and a passage from Rachel Joyce's the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, 2012 (walking / holidays)


  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1 Pondichéry-Extract from a web page entitled Alex Lin, Teenage Activist and an extract from a 2014 web page by John Wilbey (activism / protecting the environment / celebrities'involvement in causes)

Sujet :


  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV2 Métropole juin 2016 - an e-mail from President Obama : My Fifth-Grade Teacher (2015) and an extract from a CNN page, Brilliant Bus Shrinking Digital Divide . (helping the community, homework, digital divide, speech-making, Obama)


Sujets 2015

Sujets généraux avec des questions spéciales LVA


  • L/ES/S LV1 Amérique du Sud- extracts from Rattawut Lapcharoensap, At the café lovely (2005) and Firoozeh Dumas, Funny in Farsi, 2003. (emigrating, globalization, food)

Sujet: Corrigé :

  • L/ES/S LV1 Amérique du Nord- extract from Joyce Carol Oates, Big Mouth and Ugly Girl, 2002 and article from Margaret Murphy,,2014.(school, crime)

  • L/ES/S LV1 Liban - Extract from Rohinton Mistry,A Fine Balance, 1995 and article from the Evening Express: "Norwich father and son’s business goes from strength to strength" by Kate Scotter, 2014 (father-son relationships / business / work).

  • L/ES/S LV1 Pondichéry- Extract from J. K. Rowling,The Casual Vacancy, 2012 and an extract from Joanna Trollope,The Soldier’s Wife, 2012. (moving homes/ family relationships, expecially mother-daughter/ growing-up)

  • L/ES/S LVI Septembre 2015, Ann Weisgarber, The Promise, 2013 + Jessica Brockmole, Letters from Skye, 2013 (Marriage/women, society pressure) Corrigé:


  • Séries générales, septembre 2015, extrait Any Known Woodde Lawrence Hill et Black Canadian Like Me de Alyson Renaldo (The Root, April 25, 2011) (Black people in Canada, discrimination) Corrigé:

  • Séries générales, Amérique du Sud : extract dapted from Michael Morpugo, The Butterfly Lion, (1996) + an extract from Jeffrey Archer, Only Time Will Tell, (2011)- topics : boarding-school, education mother and son

Sujet : Corrigé:

  • L/ES/S LV2 Polynésie -- article by Tom Bawden, The Independent, Tuesday, 26 August 2004 + extract from Ben Elton, This Other Eden, 1993 -- ( consumer society, pollution, plastic rubbish)

Sujet :

  • L/ES/S LV2 Polynésie (remplacement) --doc 1: extrait d'un site internet : + doc 2: extrait de Kathleen JAMIE, Sightlines, 2012 + doc 3 photo et : Letter to William Adamson, Secretary of State for Scotland, Westminster. St Kilda 1930. (heritage, tourism, living on an island, Scotland)

Sujet :

Sujets technologiques


  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1 Pondichéry- document taken from the UNICEF website and a document from the NHS website. (sport/ mentoring/ charity work)

Sujet :

  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1 Polynésie 2015- Extract from Lauren Weisberger, The Bamboo Confessions, 2004 and an article from Alice Philipson and Martin Evans, USA Today, 19 Aug 2014 (gap year / backpacking / travelling risks / parents- children relationships / going to Asia)

  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1,juin 2015 extract from Naomi Benaron, Running the Rift , 2013 and a BBC Viewpoint : the dark side of sport(2011) - sport / Olympics/ interview/ motivation letter

Sujet: (corrigé sur le même site)

  • STMG/ST2S/STI LV1, septembre 2015. Extrait de Time magazine The school that will get you a job) et du International New York Times Courses with a twist (school, innovative education)




  • Séries technologiques, septembre 2015, chanson The hero in you de Ellis Paul et extrait du New York Times Learning to think outside the box (innovation/creativity/ writing a diary)


Sujets 2014

Sujets généraux avec des questions spéciales LVA


  • L/ES/S Métropole (juin) - extract from The Cat's Table by Michael Ontdaatje and an extract from a novel Honour by Elif Shafak. ( relationships, travelling , art, cinema...)

  • L/ES/S Métropole (septembre)-extracts from Maureen Sherry,Walls Within Walls , 2012 and from Paul Auster's Sunset Park, 2010 (happiness / ambition /success)

  • L/ES/S LV1 Afrique - extract from Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby and press article from The Guardian,2007. ( rockn' roll / tourism / celebrity cult)

  • L/ES/S LV1 Amérique du Sud - two extracts from Time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer (education in and out of school)

  • L/ES/S LV1 et L/LVA, Asie 2014, an extract from Jonathan Coe's "The Terrible privacy of Maxwell Sims" (2010) with an article from the Sunday Times, "Reboot Camp for geeks: no iPads here" (relationships, new technologies, addiction)

  • L/ES/S LV1 Liban - extract from Home by Toni Morrison and a song Just A Dream by Big Bill Bronzy (segregation/ being a black US war veteran/ dream)

  • L/ES/S LV1 Polynésie extract from Laurie LEE, As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning, 1971 and an extract from Charlie CARROLL, No Fixed Abode, 2013. (travelling, starting a journey, being a tramp,going abroad)

  • L/Es/S Lv1 Pondichéry- extract from The Disenchanted Widow by Christina McKenna(2013) and an extract from Paul Auster's Invisible(2009) (painting / writing / the role of art)


  • L/ES/SLV2 et L/ LVA Métropole 2014, a text taken from a website,, 2012 and another taken from Henry L. Lennard, ‘The Essence of the City’, 1991- (gated communitites,isolation, volunteer work etc.)

  • L/ES/SLV2 et L/ LVA Amérique du Sud 2014, a passage from Patricia HIGHSMITH, This Sweet Sickness,1960 and another from Kim Lamb GREGORY, Ventura County Star, 2012 (babysitting / growing old / generation gap)

  • L/ES/SLV2 et L/ LVA Polynésie 2014, an extract from Tony HILLERMAN, Coyote Waits, 1990 and an extract from Palash GHOSH, “Native Americans: The Tragedy of Alcoholism, Analysis”, February 11, 2012. (native Americans, alcoholism)-

Sujets technologiques 2014


  • Séries technologiques Métropole- extract from a webpage on Thor and an extract from The Observer (2013), Brian Cox says TV shows inspire a new generation of children to study science

Sujet :


  • Séries technologiques Métropole- extract from a webpage http://www.yearoutgroup and a passage adapted from Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending, 2011- (travelling, communicating, volunteer work, gap year)

Sujet :

Sujets 2013

Les liens vers les sujets de métropole contiennent le sujet et une proposition de corrigé non-officielle. Si vous avez les corrections officielles, n'hésitez pas à partager.

Séries Générales

  • Sujet commun L/ES/S Métropole LV1 2013 extract from Tuesdays with Morrie (Mitch Albom)+ First Among Equals de Jeffrey Archer (success,dream, ambition)

Pour l'élève :

Pour le prof :

  • Sujet S/ES/L LV1 2013 Pondichéry. Deux extraits de romans : The Women's Room de Marilyn French + Sweet Tooth d'Ian McEwan (women's place in society, mother-daughter relationships)

  • Sujet S/ES/L LV1 Washington 2013 avec un extrait de Funny Boy par Shyam Selvadurai et une page internet de la BBC ( coming back to India (reverse brain drain)/ arranged marriages)

  • Sujet S/ES/L LV2 Washington 2013 avec un extrait de Jonathan Franzen, Freedom et un article de The New York Times : Teenager's iNternet Socializing, not a bad thing.( New modern media and the young)

  • Sujet L/ES/S Lv2 Métropole 2013-Extract from a Los Angeles Times article by Mary McNamara, June 23, 2012 + extract from James Hawes, Speak for England, 2006 (reality shows)

Séries technologiques

  • Sujet classes technologiques Métropole LV1 2013 extract from a website : myhero + extract from Freedom by Jonathan Frantzen + photo (homelessness, making money, heroism, fashion, charities) Pour le prof :

  • Sujet technologique Métropole Lv2 2013. Deux extraits de pages internet (science-fiction, urban life, environmental questions in the future) Pour le prof :

  • Sujet des Classes technologiques LV1 2013 Pondichéry. Extract from Teacher Man de Franck McCourt + article from the Guardian (going to university, family relationships)

Sujets plus anciens

  • L Guyane Sept 2002 extract from the Colour of Water by Mac Bride + extract from the Painter of Signs by Narayan (rebellion against tradition /marriage/ racisme)

  • L étranger 2002 gr 1 Guyane extracts from an Equal Music V.Seth + The Fiddler and the Ferret by Douglas Boyd (Music)

  • Sujet L LV2 Métropole 2000 deux extraits de Pears on a Willow Tree. (p. 9-11), Leslie PIETRZYK, (Immigration)

  • ES S Réunion 2002 extract from Disobedience, by Jane Hamilton + an article from The Economist, "The young"- About the digital divide between young and old people / new technology.