Liste de Sujets de Bac sur l'Art

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Cette page est une sous-partie de la liste thématique des sujets de bac :


  • L/ES/L LV1 Pondichéry 2014- extract from The Disenchanted Widow by Christina McKenna(2013) and an extract from Paul Auster's Invisible(2009) (painting / writing / the role of art)

  • L LV1 Amérique 2011-A Window across the river by Brian Norton (about writing fiction)

  • L LV1 Pondichéry 2011 A Window Across the River by Brian Morton (about the power of writing and friendship)

  • L LV1 Afrique 2010 -Ragtime by Edgar Laurence Doctorow. (about music + black community in the US in the early 20th c) (sujet et corrigé)

  • L LV1 Pondichéry 2006 - The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier,(about painting)

  • L LV1 Amérique 2006 -The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy (about poetry)

  • S /ES LV1 Pondichéry avril 2012- The Book Thief by Markus Kusak ( about reading)

  • S / ES LV1 Afrique juin 2005 : extract from 8 Arms to hold you Hanif Kureishi (music)

  • STG LV1 métropole juin 2009 The promised land by Sarfraz Manzoon (about cinema)

  • STG LV1 Guyane 2006 extract from Mike Gayle, His 'n' Hers, p 18 (music)


  • L et S LV2 Métropole juin 2009 Girl from the South by Joanna Trollope (painting +family relationships)

  • S LV2 2008-Extract from A Traitor to Memory by Elisabeth Gerorge. A sudden passion for the violin ( also relationships between a grand-father and his grandson / childhood / classical music)

  • STG LV2 Métropole juin 2010 BBC News, March 6 2009 Shakira : stars' involvement in charity work